Dr. Fiete Kalscheuer

Location: Kiel
Secretary office: Carmen Litka
Phone: +49 431 97918-944
Fax: +49 431 97918-39
E-Mail: fiete.kalscheuer@bmz-recht.de

born in 1982, University studies in Greifswald, St. Petersburg/Russia and Kiel, legal clerkship in Kiel and Schleswig, admitted as a lawyer in 2015, certified specialist for administrative law

Practice Focus: Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Municipal Law

Fiete Kalscheuer is specialized on administrative law with a main focus on public building and environmental law as well as fiscal law. In addition, he advises on constitutional law and municipal law, especially on questions regarding financial constitutional law.

Fiete Kalscheuer is a lecturer at the legal coaching institute Alpmann Schmidt in Kiel, preparing students for their first state exam in public law. He is a member of the working group on administrative law at the German Bar Association, regional group of Schleswig-Holstein.

Languages of correspondence: German, English, Russian