Dr. Sebastian Scholz

Location: Lübeck
Secretary office: Birthe Rademacher
Phone: +49 451 70289-58
Fax: +49 451 70289-40
E-Mail: sebastian.scholz@bmz-recht.de
Scholz 0035-BMZ-Q2-2016-No2-BD3B6096

born 1986, University studies in Würzburg, legal clerkship in Bamberg, admitted as a lawyer in 2016

Practice Focus: Business and Corporate law, Commercial law

After his studies Dr. Scholz was employed 2011 - 2016 as a scientific assistant at the chair of Public Law, German, European and International Tax Law of the University of Würzburg of Prof. Dr. Ralf P. Schenke.

2015 Dr. Scholz received his doctor´s degree on his doctoral thesis on Business Taxation of the business partnership by the Graduate School of law, Economics and Society (GSLES) of faculty of law of the University of Würzburg. Dr. Scholz owns the title Europajurist (Universität Würzburg).