Prof. Dr. Mathias Nebendahl

Location: Kiel
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born 1961, University studies in Kiel and Munich, admitted as a lawyer in 1992, honorary professor for medical law at the Faculty of Law and lecturer in the course of studies “Hospital Management” at the Faculty of Medicine of Kiel University, certified specialist for labor and employment law, certified specialist for medical law and certified specialist for administrative law, notary since 2000

Practice Focus: Energy Law, Hospital and Health Care Law, Labour and Employment Law, Public Procurement Law

As certified specialist for labor and employment law, Mathias Nebendahl works primarily for private and public employers and managing employees in all matters related to individual and collective labor as well as employment law, for the most part in advisory capacity, but also forensically. As a certified specialist for health services law he represents resident physicians and hospital operators in all matters related to health services law, from the new arrangement or reorganization of medical services, including issues under health insurance physician law, to cases involving cases of medical liability law. In the area of public procurement law Mathias Nebendahl predominantly counsels public clients in the conceptualization, realization, and judicial review of complex procurement procedures, such as, e.g., the procurement of comprehensive construction services, data-processing services, railway transport services, etc. As a result of his forensic activity in relation to the construction of the freeway in Schleswig-Holstein (inter alia, federal autobahn A 20) he also gained recognition in the area of planning and environment law beyond the borders of the Schleswig-Holstein region.

Mathias Nebendahl is a lecturer in the area of health law for the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Medicine at Kiel University. He is the author of numerous publications in the areas of employment and administrative law.
In addition, he is also member of the Admissions Committee for Certified Specialists for Administrative Law of the Bar Association in Schleswig-Holstein.